Vol. 1 No. 2 (2023): Juli 2023

This volume consists of 10 articles with 29 authors from 9 universities in Indonesia, namely Ahmad Dahlan Islamic University, STAI Al-Amin Gersik Kediri West Lombok-NTB, Madura Islamic University, Sultan Agung Islamic University, Semarang, Ahmad Dahlan Islamic University Sinjai, STKIP Pangeran Dharma Kusuma Segeran Juntinyuat Indramayu, Riau Islamic University, Surabaya Dinamika University, and Nahdlatul Ulama University South Kalimantan.

Cover, Remarks, and Table of Contents can be downloaded here.

Published: 2023-07-30

Mentoring SMP Negeri 2 Tambang Teachers in Developing E-Learning-based Teaching Materials

Fauzul Etfita, Arimuliani Ahmad, Sri Wahyuni, Estika Satriani, Alber, Asnawi


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